Athkhelia Namghor

Sri Sri Athkheliya Namghar is one of the prominent pilgrimage site located at a place where three rivers Ghiladhari, Matrang and Kakodonga meet at Bosa Gaon of Golaghat. It is situated at a distance of about 18 km from Golaghat town on the bank of river Kakodonga. This Namghar has always occupied a very important place in the hearts of Assamese people. The name comes from the eight Kuris or eight Paik families who initially had the duty of looking after the place and this forms the word Athkuriya, which later on became Athkheliya. Ahom King Gadapani constructed the temple in the year 1681 AD and until the year 1970 it was officially called Sri Sri Athkheliya 'Hori Mandir' that is Vishnu Temple but later on due to the influence of Vaishnavism it was renamed as the Sri Sri Athkheliya Namghar. The Namghar attracts huge number of devotees especially in the month of Bhado or Bhadra that is during the period from August to September. Devotees from all parts of Assam and the Northeast visit Athkhelia Namghar during the holy month of Bhado. In this holy month Paalnam observed with Soudhyo Prosongo in Athkheliya Namghar.