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Last Updated on: July 12, 2022

Golaghat district is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. It attained district status in 1987. The district headquarters are located at Golaghat. The district occupies an area of 3502 km² and lies 100 m above sea level.

Nos. of Sub Division 4 Nos.
Name of Sub-Divisions Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dhansiri, Merapani
No. of Revenue Circle 6 Nos.
Name of Revenue Circles  Golaghat, Bokakhat, Dergaon, Sarupathar, Morongi, Khumtai
No of Development Bolcks 8 Nos.
Names of Development Block North Dev Block, Dergaon 
Golaghat West Dev Block, Bokakhat 
Kakodonga Dev Block, Sitalpathar 
Morongi Dev Block, Morongi 
South Dev. Block, Sarupathar 
Golaghat Central Dev. Block 
Gomariguri Dev. Block, Gamariguri 
East Dev. Block, Padumani    
Nos. of Town 5 Nos.
Name of Towns Golaghat (MB), Dergaon (MB), Sarupathar (TC), Bokakhat (TC), Borpathar (TC)
Nos. of Villages  622 Nos. (including NC village)
Nos. Police Stations 12 Nos.
Names Police Station Golaghat PS, Dergaon PS, Kamargaon PS, Bokakhat PS, Bagijan PS, Sarupathar PS, Sungajan PS, Barpathar PS, Merapani PS, Ghiladhari PS, Urimghat PS, Jamuguri PS



The District Head Quarter of Golaghat is located at Golaghat Town. The Head Quarter Golaghat is connected to NH-37 by PHG Path via Dergaon, connected to NH-37 (Komargaon) through Dhodar Ali and connected to NH-39 by Golaghat Dimapur Road. The total road length in the District is 3137.477 KM and out of this 1353.109 KM black topped and 1784.366 Km gravel road. Three major road passes through Golaghat District namely NH-37, NH-39 and Dhodar Ali (State Highway). The length of NH-37 that passes through Golaghat District is 80.00 KM i.e. from Bagori to Kakodonga river (Border of Golaghat and Jorhat District). NH-39 starts at Numaligarh and after traversing 47.00 KM through Golaghat District it enters into Karbi- Anglong at Garampani. Dhodhar Ali runs across Golaghat District from Komargaon to Kakodonga River.

Distance from Golaghat Town to other major places
a) From Golaghat Town to Guwahati 286 KM
b) From Golaghat Town to Tinsukia     238 KM
c) From Golaghat Town to Jorhat via Dergaon (PHG Path and NH-37) 50 KM
d) From Golaghat Town to Jorhat via Titabor (Dhodar Ali and N-Ali)    45 KM
e) From Golaghat Town to Nagaon     168 KM
f) From Golaghat Town to Tezpur     150 KM
g) From Golaghat Town to Dibrugarh     190 KM
h) From Golaghat Town to Airport via Dergaon (PHG Path and NH-37)    56 KM
i) From Golaghat Town to Airport via Titabor (Dhodar Ali and N-Ali)    42 KM
j) Distance from Golaghat Town to Sivasagar     106 KM
k) Distance from Golaghat Town to Titabar    25 KM
l) Distance from Golaghat Town to Dimapur    83 KM
Distance from Golaghat to other places within the District
a) Golaghat Town to Dergaon Rev. Circle    23 KM
b) Golaghat Town to Sarupathar via NH-39 & Karbianglong       53 KM
c) Golaghat Town to Sarupathar via Jamuguri     45 KM
d) Golaghat Town to Khumtai Circle Office     19 KM
e) Golaghat Town to Merapani     27 KM
f) Golaghat Town To Morongi Rev. Circle Office    19 KM
Nearest Airport from Golaghat Town
a) Distance from Golaghat Town to Rowirah Airport, Jorhat Via Dergaon     56 KM
b) Distance from Golaghat Town to Rowriah Airport, Jorhat via Titabor      42 KM